Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.39 – Tom Inhanktation


We’ve got new Blood Incantation, Power Trip, Kostnatění, Chthonic Deity, and the first music from a previously unreleased Steeve Hurdle/Obliveon collab named Vargr. We also talk Tom Hanks x Ancient Aliens conspiracies, Martin Scorcese’s fave blackened death, the lost art of DVD menu easter eggs, early 2000’s garbage album art, and a heap of other stuff that probably should have remained solely on Letterboxd.

Last week we shat our chainmail over the new harpcore jams from Obsequiae. Still cleaning that up actually.

New Music Featured This Week:
Power Trip –
‘Hornet’s Nest’ (out now)
Blood Incantation – ‘Inner Paths (to Outer Space)’ from Hidden History Of The Human Race (out 22/11)
Kostnatění – ‘Každé zranění předurčeno’ from Hrůza zvítězí (out now)
Vargr – ‘Please Don’t Hurt Me’ from The Abduction (out December)
Chthonic Deity – ‘Drained’ from Reassembled In Pain (out 31/10)

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