News And New Music Roundup: Iron Maiden, Morbid Angel, Fear Factory And More!


Here’s a bunch of news, some of which concern things that just happened, some of which you might have missed.

There have been a bunch of line-up changes that have occurred lately, some of which you may have missed.

  • Destructhor has officially exited Morbid Angel. Should you find yourself asking, “who?”, he’s the guitarist who isn’t Trey. The one who is never discussed. You know, him. I found myself thinking if Steve Tucker is going to replace him, since David Vincent is still a member of the band. But then David Vincent actually announced his departure too, leaving Trey “actually responsible for Illud Azagthoth the only member of the band. No word on who’s going to step in Tim Yeung’s shoes or Destructhor’s. And it turns out that Tyree rumour might not have been as true as we’d have wanted it to be.
  • Marc Rizzo joined Misfits. That’s right, The Misfits. Which naturally means the ex-Black Flag axeman Dez Cadena is out. Marc is a pretty awesome guitar player, so I can’t help but wonder why he always chooses to play in bands he never gets to show his chops at all.
  • Mike Howe has returned to Metal Church and you can hear him on a new version of Badlands.


Fear Factory recently unveiled a new song from their upcoming album, Genexus. “Soul Hacker” has to be the worst, most horrid, foul-smelling, putrid pile if steaming shit I have listened to all year. This crap is easily worse than the new Butt-cherry Bebes song and that band is hardly even trying to be more than some pairs of boobs. Some of you here like FF. I don’t, but until now I haven’t really thought of them as bad. Maybe you can get more from this than I do but if the rest of the album is the same semi-groove nu-metal then it may just be over for these duderinos. See – and worse – hear, the song here.


On a more positive note, Iron Maiden are releasing their new album on September 4th. With 92 minutes and 11 songs, it’s a double album of that proggy-goodness that I so love. You can get some extra details and view the cover art – which our small-handed editor-in-chief described as “Eddie x Dhalsim” – here.


  • Harbinger Down, starring Lance Henriksen has been given the release date of August 7th, stab here for the trailer.
  • Abyssal is streaming their new album, Antikatastaseis, in full at Bandcamp.
  • The Metal Alliance tour may be cancelled, and as a result Deicide wiped their FB page, but Svart Crown is coming to tour the US on their own. Look-a yonder to see the dates.
  • Killing Joke has announced the release of Pylon, through Spinefarm Records, later this year. Most likely the release will coincide with this here tour.


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