Toilet Radio 267 – To the End of History and Beyond


This week your boys discussed the new Deftones album and all the strange events of American youth culture that led us to this point. We’re getting into he TRL wars of the late 90s, the endless desire for a 7-string guitar, and the cultural battle over the name Nü. It all leads us to the standard bearers for modern nü metal, Five Finger Death Punch, and the modern fascist mindset. Zoltan Bathory suggests that the only reason you’re alive today is because your ancestors committed acts of incredible violence. We… disagree. And in even-older person news, we’re checking out Van Morrison’s COVID anthem and how it all connects to shadowy government plots to promote terrible music. Also, we agree with an Ozzy conspiracy. Put on your tinfoil hat because we’re going in on this one.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
SvalbardListen to Someone

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