This Toilet Tuesday (5/12/20)


Toilet Tuesday comes once more. While the diarrhea spray of spring releases has slowed to a more reasonable stream, this week has more than its share of heavy hitters, and I’ve picked out a couple of my personal faves for you to check out. Give them a listen, then hit us with your own recommendations for the week.

Ara – Jurisprudence (Independent) [Tech Death]
Listen to “Cytokine Storm,” “Etymologicide”

This is some bigass death metal that just happens to be technical. If you’re not a fan of the lavish, flowery noodling endemic of most tech death, you might still enjoy Ara. It’s heavy and powerful, exchanging genre staples like sweep flourishes and neoclassical melodies for sinister harmony and raw aggression. Jurisprudence is closer in spirit to Immolation than, say, Obscura, and tech death fans will find plenty to enjoy in the Anata-like songwriting. 5/15/20 (Spear)

Exgenesis – Solve et Coagula (Naturmacht Productions) [Melodeath/Doom]

It’s been a hot minute since we heard from Exgenesis, and I’m happy to see this band alive and kicking. Aphotic Veil was a masterclass of atmospheric and melodic death-doom, and Solve et Coagula is shaping up to be even better. They’ve still got that solid grasp of haunting melody, and there’s more motion in the instruments, giving it a dynamic feeling in spite of its slow pace. Good shit all around. 5/15/20 (Spear)

The Art of Wizarding – Welcome to Hell (Independent) [Black/Death Metal]

Ashtar – Kaikuja (Eisenwald) [Black Metal]

Bitterness – Dead World Order (GUC) [Thrash]
Listen to “A Bullet A Day”

Bolesno Grinje – The Last Grinjober (Fucking Kill Records) [Grindcore]

Burial Vault – Left Unburied (Apostasy Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “venoMutilation”

Contamination – Traumatic Recollections (Independent) [Death Thrash]
Listen to “Traumatic Recollections”

Course of Fate – Mindweaver (Rock of Angels Records) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “Drifting Away,” “Endgame”

Devangelic – Ersetu (Willowtip) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Sigils of Fallen Abominations”

Fanttasma – Sailing Independent) [Post-Metal]
Listen to “Mars is Here”

Firewind – Firewind (AFM Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Rising Fire”

Förfallet – Förfallet (Independent) [Black Metal]

Formless Master / Bayht Lahm – No Chords Barred (split- HPGD) [Grindcore]

Fraise – The Fifth Sun (Kontor New Media) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Wake Up, Shining”

Giuseppe Zaupa – Waves (Independent) [Instrumental Prog]

Grand Massive – 4 (Metalville) [Groove Metal]
Listen to “Ashes of my Revenge”

Grave’s Guardian – Leggenda (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Heron – Time Immemorial (Sludgelord Records) [Sludge]

Iku-Turso – Pakana (Wolfspell Records) [Black Metal]

In the Company of Serpents – Lux (Independent) [Sludge/Doom]
Listen to “The Fool’s Journey”

Kardashev – The Baring of Shadows (Independent) [Deathgaze]

Kayleth – 2020 Back to Earth (Argonauta Records) [Stoner Metal]
Listen to “The Dawn of Resurrection”

Lori Lewis – Carmina Romanus (Independent) [Symphonic Metal]
Listen to “Mars (Star of Marduk)”

Mnemocide – Feeding the Vultures (Czar of Crickets) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Crash & Burn”

Neige Morte – IIII (Division Records) [Black Metal]

Noosed – Butcher (Trepanation Records) [Sludge]
Listen to “Believer”

Okkultokrati – La ilden lyse (Southern Lord) [Black Metal]

Old Corpse Road – On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of Our Lore (Trollzorn) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Demons of the Farne”

Paradise Lost – Obsidian (Nuclear Blast) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Fall From Grace”

Ravenscry – 100 (Independent) [Gothic Power Metal?]
Listen to “The Gatekeeper”

Ritualistic – Hollowborn (Independent) [Tech Death]

River of Souls – Usurper (Independent) [Doom]

Shrapnel – Palace for the Insane (Candlelight/Spinefarm) [Thrash]
Listen to “Might of Cygnus”

Sinisthra – The Broad and Beaten Way (Rockshots Records) [What the fuck is that album cover]

S-Tool – Exitus (Playground Music) [Groove Metal]
S-Tool sample

Syphilic – Empty Nest (Independent) [Brutal Death Metal]

Tithe – Penance (Independent) [Death Metal]

Tokyo Blade – Dark Revolution (Dissonance Productions) [Heavy Metal]

Twilight Fauna – Foundations (Independent) [Black Metal]

Tyrant – Hereafter (Shadow Kingdom Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Hereafter”

Vokodlok – Oracle’s Fury (Independent) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Alive”

Voodoo Gods – The Divinity of Blood (Reaper Music) [Death Metal]
Listen to “The Ritual of Thorn”

Winter Forest – Destiny… (Independent) [Black Metal/Doom]

Yarr – Die Stadtpark Chroniken (Nahetal Klangschmiede) [Pirate Metal]
Listen to “Öttilodon”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments!

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