Toilet Radio 306 – The Riki Rachtman Interview


Ian, our Chief Gen X Correspondent, is taking over this week of Toilet Radio to talk with metal personality and former Headbanger’s Ball host, Riki Rachtman. Riki is bringing back the Headbanger’s Ball with Gimme Metal which is available on the Gimme Metal app now for your audiovisual pleasure. Is Viacom involved? It is not! Ian and Riki are talking about the poisonous accusation of being a “POSER” and how he feels about it (even when a toilet website throws it his way). It is genuinely pretty great to hear these insights from a guy that’s been dealing with knuckledragging metal dipshits for 30+ years. Listen up and you might be surprised to find that you hold similar opinions as Riki on a number of bands within the metalsphere on this Very Special Episode.

Music featured on this sode:
Crypta – From the Ashes (Preorder)

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