Premiere: Saate – “The Conjuring”


We’ve got some ace new melodic metal for you today, courtesy of Sweden’s SAATE!

A brand spankin’ new outfit, SAATE take their name from a glacier in Nunavut, Canada. And what dark, icy metal “The Conjuring” is, with minor-key, forward-marching guitar riffs and solid drum rhythms. But the real shining element here are the vocals, which have vocalist Rickard Thelin performing his melodies with dramatic and almost theatrical qualities. For reference, he sounds like a less-exaggerated Warrel Dane (Nevermore/Sanctuary) with more of Tim Aymar’s (Pharaoh/Control Denied) register, delivering aggressive screams and soaring highs with ease and versatility.

The main, almost thrash riff in “The Conjuring” leads into an arpeggiated chorus section, then into a nice guitar solo and… well, listen to it here (world premiere!):

If you, like me, enjoyed “The Conjuring”, grab it here and jam it over and over while you impatiently await more of this goodness.

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