Toilet Radio 358 – Necromancing Elvis


This week on Toilet Radio: We’re buying all the vodka we can find to dump it out on the lawn. Not sure why but we’re doing it / Dee Snider is loud, old (part 209). / TOOL is back! In price-gouging form! / Necromancing Elvis / Telegram channels indicate that Militant Zone guys are getting blown up to death / More like Season of Piss / J-DAWG from Hell’s Headbangers ponders, “What is racism? What does the word even mean?” / Get stoked for the David Vincent book episode coming soon / Double-band-four-sided-metal-tee / Geopolitical events as explained by very old bumper stickers. It’s an episode, folks.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Effluence – Devouring Gray Matter (Head’s up, this track is brutal with like seven 0’s.)

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