The Worst Album Art Of 2018


Smell ya later, 2018

Are the years getting longer? 2018 feels like it’s been extra long. Big celebrity deaths. The economy doing a slow death spiral. Crisis after crisis after crisis. At least we still have metal. For better or for worse. We’ve already covered our favorite albums of 2018. Now it’s time to look at some not so good 2018 album art. And no, I can’t do any better, but I have enough sense not to even try. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s, uh, winners.


Space Elevator may cause dizziness, nausea, and missing arms.




“Hey, guys. Can I come to the mall too?”




One part Stalin. One Part Two-Face. All crap.


I can’t tell if Dee is happy, scared, or passing a kidney stone. Possibly all three.


Album art provided by Jell-O




It looks like he’s about to bust out his favorite showtunes.


It’s a feast for the eyes and a purge for the stomach.


Well of course the hospital had problems. One of the nurses had a beer mug for a hand.


Is…is that a sentient shirt with arms?


When you’re killing heathens for the Lord, but you stub your toe.

Behold my tweezers hands! Tremble before my stumpy torso. Bow to…hey, stop laughing!


All of Priest or just Halford?


Lordi is back! Now in Original or Extra Cringey.


I hope he kept the receipt.


It’s a covers album, so let’s cram every artist we’re covering on to the art. While we’re at it, use really drab colors. Oh, and give them devil horns for some reason.


All I can see is Dr. Wiley from Mega Man.


Holy 1998, Batman!


This album art becomes great when you pretend that’s Macho Man Randy Savage on the horse.


M’Lady in stereo


That bloodthirsty koala is ADORABLE.


Sometimes band art can be too “on the nose”.


The year is 2099. The Gamergaters and Metalgaters enter their 90th year of battle.


Don’t talk to me or my mutant son ever again.


The bright chalk colors really distract from the pants-shitting weirdness.


I feel a sinus infection coming on.


The neatly placed scythe and the red Converse sneakers really distract from the fact that that door leads to nowhere.


It’s Walpurgis Night, you’ve had 3 wine coolers, some fermented goat’s blood, and now you can’t find your car.

That’s deep, man.


From the Lightning Mountains to the Doody Peaks.

From the Fields Of Flora to the Glowing Purple Crack Of Asstonia.

I swear I will chop these two leggings-wearing nerds.

Also going to pet that good doggo over there.





Have some more examples of bad 2018 album art? Post them in the comments.

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