Flush It Friday: Iron Goddess of Movin’


Thank God it flushed, Toileteers: the week is mostly down the the drain and the weekend is nearly upon us! As it so happens, this is my last weekend in Atlanta for the time being. My partner and I (and our beagles and our cat) are off to central Pennsylvania, leaving behind ten years in the city where playa’s play and ride on them thangz like every day. That’s an entire series of Friends, minus the always-reserved section at the coffee shop, Chnandler Bong, climbing the fashion world’s corporate ladder only to spurn Paris at the last minute, and the inexplicable timeline that puts a Ph.D. (from Columbia!) in Ross’s hands by age 25 at the very latest. What a show.

25 is also the number of years I’ve lived in the state of Georgia. A pre-teenaged Iron Goddess would have plotzed at such a significant swath of time lived sandwiched between the Atlantic coast and the Alabama state line, but, alas, so it goes. Of course, I’ve done some moving during that time—three different cities/towns and seven different homes/apartments in Atlanta—but this is a move. (Note the different words I’ve italicized in different segments of that sentence.) I am not entirely sure what to make of the situation, though I am champing at the bit to get out of my (perhaps) overly familiar contexts. Who will I be in Pennsylvania? Will I emerge as the Nittany Goddess of Mercy? An Iron Goddess of the Susquehanna? It all remains to be seen, and I can’t wait.

Where have you lived? Where have you loved? Where have you hated? Where do you wish you could live? Where do you wish you could live again? Are you moving, trying to move, trying to buy a home, fantasizing about relocating anywhere just anywhere? Let me know in the comments below.

But, first, let’s dwell on some of this week’s delightful content!

A Spooky Mansion almost melted into a spoopy mansion during the Pac NW’s historic heat wave but fortunately staved off puddlization with some icy black metal:

Longing For The Mercy Of Winter

365 Days of Horror continues the tradition of forcing videos upon us that should have been left to evaporate in the Portland heat:

Vinnie Moore – Kung Fu Grip: A Video Breakdown

Carcassbomb flushed it freely for the eleventh time and didn’t even bother making the obvious reference:

Free Flush Vol 11

Spear finally penned a mea culpa regarding speed-demonry and we all accepted their apology ’cause the Tech was just too Heckin’:

Tech Death Thursday: Solus Ex Inferis – Daemones Ceramici

Spend some time sharing G/B/Us and moving stories (and stories about moving!) in the comments. All the love to all the Toileteers.

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