Toilet Radio 504 – Bite Thy Thumb at Capulet Fest


This week on Toilet Radio: The Sword is back ! / We discuss the drama and intrigue of a three-day-long disaster in Connecticut called Capulet Fest. Join us as we hear how every thing that could go wrong did including: cancelling a whole day with one hour’s notice, making bands pay three grand to buy on, and a flat out refusal to book a single good band. / Going to see Power Trip and Yngwie Malmsteen / Slaughter to Prevail are finding new levels of success thanks, in large part, to Jamey Jasta help washing away Alex Terrible’s nazi background / Ash from Sumerian Records is a brave truth teller. Folks, it’s a good one.

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Music featured on this ‘sode:
Adversarial – Hatred Kiln of Vengeance

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