Toilet Radio 404 – You Muse You Lose


The boys are talking the big topics of the day: getting COVID, office holiday parties, and fucking around on the Toilet ov Hell Discord. M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold offers his solution for the Ticketmaster problem: let businesses take advantage of you. Also NFTs? The Hu is now recognized by the UN as a UNESCO heritage uhhh band. Is this the most prestigious achievement by a folk metal band? Opting out of metal memes and retiring our old villains to make room for newer, younger enemies in the metalsphere. Zakk Wylde sits down at his Gateway desktop to learn Pantera songs on YouTube. Finally, we spend no more than 5 minutes talking about the fucking Grammys. It’s a good one.

Music featured on this week’s show:
ZhmachMoss Icon

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