Flush it Friday: This Could Be Us


It’s Friday, let’s slink into the weekend stupor. Gamers rise up.

This is my seventh post of the week so forgive me for not being more verbose in this bitch. Here are the highlights of the week:

The week began with my annual ranking of Record Store Day releases. Record Store Day must be abolished.

Record Store Day 2018: Every Punk & Metal Release Ranked

365 turned in what might be his finest Video Breakdown to date. Look at these fuggin’ gifs.

After Burner – Feast Of Fools: A Video Breakdown

Toilet Radio got a little hairy when we listed the best metal bands from each state and gave up about 10 states in.

Toilet Radio can name almost every state

We’re down to the wire in our competition to determine the most innovative guitarist in the game right now. This is the finals, baby. Go vote, then die.

The Most Innovative Guitarist In Metal Right Now Tournament: THE GRAND FINAL

Finally, I wrote about Terrorizer’s sad demise. They made a statement on Facebook today claiming that reports of their death were premature. I’ll believe it when their subscribers have been refunded, the outstanding balances have been paid for the contributors, and a new issue hits the stands.

Terrorizer Magazine died and no one told their subscribers

That’s it, folks. The floor is yours. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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