Premiere: Monosphere –  I Am In Control, Pt.1 (feat. Nils Wittrock from The Hirsch Effekt)


Do you like any subgenre of metal? Monosphere can do a bunch of them!

It’s always exciting to see a band transition to a new sound that will undoubtedly be their foundation going forward. With this release, Monosphere are moving away from a progressive death/metalcore stance into a heavier, technical one influenced by a variety of metal genres.

“I Am In Control Pt. 1” starts off with a little black metal and shifts immediately into more progressive tech-death. Just when you think you have an understanding of the range, they throw you off balance with a super clean prog metal section to close things out. There’s a wide range of influences, such as Between The Buried And Me, The Ocean, Cult Of Luna, and Amenra, but they don’t quite fall neatly into any of those categories.

Here’s what the band has to say about this track:

“We are incredibly excited about having Nils Wittrock from The Hirsch Effekt as a guest on this track. We’ve been fans of his music for years and hearing his voice on our music is a true dream come true!”

How about that video! I love that it’s as linear as the track itself. The scene changes as the mood shifts and looks back only enough to ensure one idea follows the next. I’m excited to see how this no-filler style translates to telling the story of a concept album.

Also, check out the Hirsch Effekt, a fellow German prog metal band, which is also new to me and I’m really digging it.

Keep an eye out for The Puppeteer album release later this year.

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