Toilet Radio 498 – And Scott Stapp As Frank Sinatra


This week on Toilet Radio: Attila is starting their own doomed-to-fail podcast – we’ll check in again in 3 weeks, losers. / Bad Omens are playing Burnout Extreme / Scott Stapp is having a Moment which will culminate in his greatest role yet – Frank Sinatra in the Dennis Quaid Ronald Regan biopic / Ticketmaster is getting grilled by the Justice Department and one of their execs has some absolutely ass-sucking defense of their awful business practices / Maryland Death Fest is going on now and also posting the lineup for next year – let’s investigate / Ash from Sumerian is threatening to bring back Rockstar Energy Presents Mayhem Fest. It’s a good one. Also I know I fucked up the episode count on the show. Next week’s episode is still #500 tho. 

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Music featured on this ‘sode:
Sabire – Call Me Bastard 

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