Sunday Sesh: The Halfway Mark


It’s 2016.5, let’s hear your top 5 albums from the first half of the year…

Here at the Toilet ov Hell, we get you. We understand, we care, we listen. We gently stroke your head and reassure you that “everything is going to be ok” as you suckle upon our myriad teets that steadily leak musical nourishment. Every week we save you a spot at our communal feeding trough and invite you to gorge yourself silly. And at the close of each week we all leave the latrine a little older and a little more rotund. The gradual loss of hearing is also a price we all pay for the enjoyment of these opulent porcelain surroundings. This very bowl is the only place where the riches actually complete the trickle-down.

We also know how damn much you all like lists. Even terrible ones. Come to think of it… especially terrible ones. So as 2016 has reached its halfway point and continues to mosey along, before we miss this opportunity, we’re giving you the floor today so that you can make your own terrible lists and ridicule each other even more than usual.

My top 5 albums of 2016 thus far:

  • 5 – Dubya’s daily art album on the TovH FB group page.
  • 4 – Cybro’s Icelandic photo album.
  • 3 – The cover art from all 136 Sequestered Keep albums released thus far in 2016.
  • 2 – NASA’s Cassini Mission pictorial album.
  • 1 – The collection of GandAlf pictures I am currently amassing.

So have at it, give us your top 5 albums of 2016 below and maybe a little description of each one to let us know why we should be listening to it and/or how badly we’re fucking up.

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