TovH Radio Ep. 27: Featuring Dan from VOID RITUAL


On this week’s episode, Joe and 365 talk with Dan from Void Ritual about the sights of New Mexico, Japanese pro wrestling, and the politics of supporting scumbag artists. Join us for jams from Judiciary and check out a premiere of a never-before-heard Void Ritual track! You can check out Dan’s metal writing over at KwinnPop and harass him on Twitter.

Music featured on this program:

Judiciary – “March of the Abuser” from The Axis of Equality (Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Void Ritual – “This Desert Hell” from an upcoming compilation (Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Nekromura – “King of Strong Steel” from King of Strong Steel (Bandcamp)
Void Ritual – Teaser for “Reatus Sanguinis” from the next Void Ritual LP

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