Toilet Radio Deconstructs the Right Wing Band Grift


You all know I’m not one to boast but, FOLKS, there are some good ass jokes on this episode. Join as me and Brenocide tackle this one all on our lonesome. Do you need jokes? We got that. Do you need utterly uninformed political theory? We got that. Do you need to know how Toby Keith is responsible for white power metal? In a roundabout way, we got that too. Topics discussed on this episode include The Faceless sucking at their job, the rules of D&D gambling, defending Chad Kroeger no matter what, why Abbath rules, and how exactly you can sell your sub-par music to white power labels for fun and profit. WARNING: this episode features a brief snippet of Madison Rising’s music so listener discretion is advised.

Music featured on this program:
Invincible Force – “Damned By Noise & Lust” from Dark Descent’s New Release Sampler #5 (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Swamp Witch – “Emerald Serpent (Slowwwed Down By DJ Dreemz)” from Gnosis (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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