Track Premiere: Maze of Sothoth – “Scorn of Flesh”


I can really identify with the guy in the header image here, taken from the upcoming album’s cover art. I work in a library and we have a group of naughty kids coming in every day lately. “Brian, why did you take all the brochures and spread them around for 20 yards outside? Lara, I don’t have any more crayons to give you, you already snapped them all in half. Use those. Marko, please don’t track hell dust in here.” Anyway, on to a song about death or apocalypse or Cthulhu or some cool shid like that. It’s good!

Maze of Sothoth does a pretty good job of walking the line between constantly pushing and pulling one thousand BPM tech à la Archspire and catchy, chorus-verse-chorus “pop but make it death metal” approach of bands like Undeath. You could call “Extirpated Light” brutal tech death, but in some ways, it has more in common with classic death metal in its willingness to focus on one or two main riffs and build a song around that. It’s a real sweet spot if you ask me. The tech feeling comes from the dizzying twist of the guitars and the relentless drilling of the drums, but the songwriting gives you just enough to cling to in the storm. You can’t quite glimpse it, but there must be an intelligence of some kind behind the fury. And for some reason Kyrie just threw a snowball in through the doors.

With Extirpated Light, Everlasting Spew unleashes the next wave of its recent onslaught on March 24th. I don’t see anything on Bandcamp yet, but here’s their last album, Soul Demise. You can also check ’em out on Zuccbook!

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