Flush it Friday: Grease the Light Poles Edition


While most of the rest of the world goes feral after just about any win or loss of their “football” matches, at least we have Philly fans.

I’m getting geared up to for Sunday’s big handegg competition, as you Discord weirdos would say. My typical party now has most people planning to leave around halftime because of old age, but we’ll be spending a few hours before kickoff drinking way too many barrel-aged beers (just my contributions in the header). I’ll personally be spending the game yelling about my stupid prop bets, on which I have spent my entire profit margin for the season. So far I’m going with:

  • Coin Flip: Heads
  • PHI more points in the 2nd half
  • KC more points in the 2nd half
  • Sanders over 13.5 rushes
  • Kelce over 6.5 receptions
  • Hurts under 241.5 yards
  • More total points in the 4th than the 1st
  • PHI to score first

What does everyone else have going on this weekend besides not watching the game because you’re above it?

Pretty much just the normal scheduled posts this week, so be sure to check out the new tracks, new albums, and of course, the excellent toilet cast from this week:

Toilet Radio 417 – Spin Poop Into Gold

And don’t forget to gawk at this awful shirt:

Shirt Stains: Cradle Of Anime

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