Track Premiere: Midnite Hellion – “Cross the Line”


CROSS! THE! LINE! *dun dun nuh nuh nuh*

Life is overwhelming. Everyday there’s another minor annoyance or a family tragedy or a goddamned unprecedented natural disaster. It’s tough to keep it together. That’s why we’ve got heavy metal. And thank Satan for the warm, beer-stanky embrace of thrash, always there to hold you tight and clear your sinuses. Midnight Hellion, now ten years into their career as one of New Jersey’s best thrash descendants, is here to riff away the doldrums of your daily life and crack open an ice cold can of kick ass.

“Cross the Line” wraps you up like a threadbare battle vest freshly exhumed from a 1986 time capsule. The guitars barge in with a crunchy tone and bass that kicks like a mule. Soon, you’re at double time tempos, gang vox, and spicy, rattled off lead licks. It’s a killer good time and I wanna hear more.

Condemned to Hell is out September 15th on Witches Brew. Get it here and give the band a follow on Facebook here.

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