Toilet Radio 312 – Banned from Planet Fitness [HIGH QUALITY].flac


Things we’re talking about this week:
Smashing our knees and/or phones! We’re excited about tours coming back Wait, that one’s not coming anywhere near me. Fuck. Kid Rock doubles down on homophobia because he doesn’t have to appeal to non-homophobes anymore! Tommy Vext gives us an onstage rant for the ages at a fitness/MLM festival! Bad Wolves continue on without him thanks to a former Acacia Strain guitarist! Richard Marx and Matt Heafy joined forces for a real bad metal cover of Right Here Waiting! Deafheaven is back and they got lots of reverb and clean singing! It kinda takes us back to the Tumblr hardcore days. BUT DO NOT call it shoegaze >:(. Also, we’re talking about the latest Rob Zombie joint, THE MUNSTERS. May god have mercy of you all.

Music featured on this sode:
Bleached Cross – Grave Pact

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