STREAM: Tyrants Blood – “Into the Kingdom of Graves”


Y’all wanna get beaten about the chest and groin by some heavy ass drums and fast-as-shit riffage? Better get in here and listen to “Into the Kingdom of Graves” from Tyrants Blood.

So much of the music that comes across my desk is so dull that I wonder why a band even bothered recording it in the first place. This was not the case with Tyrants Blood, the latest project from former Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco. Within seconds, it was painfully clear that Into the Kingdom of Graves, the latest record from this Canadian crew was written and recorded with the express purpose of channelling pure aggression and physical violence, one wet, thunderous blast beat at a time. “Into the Kingdom of Graves”, the album’s title track, is perhaps the best encapsulation of the band’s take on “Extreme Speed Metal” yet. Jam it below and mourn your desiccated cojones later.

Into the Kingdom of Graves is dropping on vinyl and cassette on December 23rd. Cassettes are sadly sold out, but you can get your vinyl right here. Navigate your browser over to Tyrants Blood’s Facebook to stay up to date with their activities and offer a plaintive, “sup d00ds”.

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