Flush it Friday: The Randall is definitely not a poser Edition


Flush it Friday, the holiest of toilet traditions.

So last night I agreed that if no one else specifically wanted to write this article, that I’d do it. No problem, these things are fun to write! Then I went back to work and ended up working until 2 in the morning. 12+ hour days are fun, especially when you promise deadlines you think you can make, but totally cannot. Anyways, the point is I’m a piece of garbage and am writing this less than 3 hours before it airs so Joe doesn’t put out evidence than I’m actually a poser on the internet. Blackmail is quite the motivator.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Good: Octopede is barreling straight to Charlotte and, by the time you finish commenting on this article, should be arriving! I’m really looking forward to the show tonight, and am hoping the crowd shows up for them. Nervosa is also in town tonight, and I think we’re going to go thrashing after Octopede plays.

Albus likes cups again. Axiom Verge is one of the best Metroidvania games I’ve ever played. I want No Man’s Sky but don’t have enough free time.

Avalon Steel is returning to the stage Nov 4th with my good Canadian power metal friends Scythia, as well as regional friends and Toilet champions The Seduction, in addition to killer bands from eastern NC Knightmare and Good Good Grief. I’m really stoked for this show. It’s been almost a year since I have sang at a show, and my voice needs out.

A Flame in the Dark 3’s roster has been announced. You can see that lineup here. I’m super proud of this one and can’t wait for the digital version to pop up this fall so you can all listen to my siqq fire USPM mixtape.

Bad: DEADLINES. I promised something I can barely deliver on time, and it is killing me. On top of that, all the bands I keep joining because I’m a sucker and can’t say no are building up time against me, and with choir season only weeks away (as well as ProgPower USA / Frost and Fire Fest), I expect my world to be total agony and infinite stress unless I can get back ahead at work. Let’s hope I can do that.

There were ants in my car yesterday. I was very scared. They’re gone now.

Ugly: Me. Have you seen me lately? Here’s me.  me

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