Premiere: Adzes – Jesus Built My Death Squads


Some old punk once said that “Anger is an energy.” Let’s see how far those vibes can take us with this exclusive song premiere from Adzes.

I’ve been told that Adzes is a Sludgemerchant. At times he’s been described as a Sludgedealer. Given his penchant for collaboration, perhaps it’s more accurate to call this one-man band a Sludgebarterer. With his first full-length, No One Wants to Talk About It, Seattle’s Forest Bohrer builds upon his previous training to deliver a tighter, more vicious punch aimed at the solar plexus of you, the hapless listener trapped in the burning machinery of faceless global capital.

Per Forest,I came up with the song title and thematic idea first, a riff on the classic Ministry tune with caustic lyrics aimed at grotesque, bloodless imperialists like Erik Prince. The Western political establishment has been behind vicious coups and military operations in the Americas for hundreds of years. Blackwater/Xe and all the other military contractors are just another set of mercenaries in a line that stretches back to first European colonists, wealth extraction, land theft, and genocide cloaked in the language of liberty and democracy.  Musically, I worked with a sort of Godflesh rhythm section, distorted bass and mechanical drums, overlaid feedback, sludgy guitars, and droning synths.”

It would likely take years to sit down and rank the Worst Americans of All Time but it’s hard to argue that Evangelical freak Erik Prince (and sister Betsy DeVos, beneficiaries of the pyramid scheme pioneers Amway) would certainly be on the shortlist. The war crimes wrought by his unaccountable mercenaries of Blackwater/Xe/Academi are almost impossible to fathom, yet Prince remains a free man because the law only applies to poor people. If there is a theme to Forest’s work, it’s that none of the people who got us into this mess will ever help get us out. Take a moment to lock-in with the churning grooves of “Jesus Built My Death Squads” and contemplate a future without these rotten bastards.



If you dig this you can pick up a cassette of No One Wants to Speak About It over at Tridroid or get the digital release on the Bandcamps.

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