Toilet ov Hell Stickers Are Here


They’re in my hot little hands right now.

Great news, everyone! We finally hit $500 in monthly pledges on Patreon! Wait, that’s good news for me, it doesn’t mean shit to y’all. A long while back we set a goal of $500/month with a very special bonus for all of our patrons. Toilet stickers! They’re like pot stickers except they’re not food and you attach them to your laptop instead of putting them in your mouth.

I got these babies printed up and I’m sending them out to everyone that has ever given us money on Patreon. If you want one take the plunge right now (and I do mean RIGHT NOW because I’m mailing these things out over the next 7 days) and join a Patreon tier. Be sure to dm me with your address when you do it too so you don’t miss out.

When you get your sticker be sure to post pics all over the internet of where you done stuck it. I wanna see these out in the world.

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