Washington Think Tank with W.: What’s in a name?


Science prevails! Thanks to all of my studious little citizens, I have now been thoroughly briefed on the heavy. This is even better than having some disposable senate intern write up a report for my executive approval. You’ve done your country proud, but there are even more pressing matters now.

Today’s Question: What’s in a name?

As I scan through the lists of new releases we post here every week, I sometimes find myself thinking, “Wow, what a stupid name. I’m definitely not going to listen to them.” I sometimes feel that juvenile names like Anal Necropsy or Anal Cunt or really anything with anal in the title are a big deterrent for me. However, there have been a few times when I was pleasantly surprised. That said, I know metalheads can be very disparaging if a band christens itself with a particularly misinformed moniker. I recall a Metal Hammer article about the band Hackeneyed that spent the entire length of the column deriding their name.

So, my question then is this. Have you ever chosen not to listen to a band because of their name, even if you had heard good things about them? Conversely, have you ever decided to give a terribly-named band a listen and found yourself pleasantly surprised? Have you ever not wanted to tell your friends about a band because the name is just ridiculous? Does the name even matter? If you really liked a band’s music, would you still buy a shirt if their name was stupid? Does an indecipherable logo help?

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