Toilet ov Hell (and friendship and feeling good)


[Editor’s Note: It’s Monday morning. I can think of no better start to this day than a dose of enthusiasm from our own Link Leonhart. Enjoy!]

Are you sad? Are you anxious? Are you watching your days passing with no strength to carry with your problems? If that’s your case, internationally famous Toilet ov Hell have the solution to you with what we know best: music.

Last night I was feeling a little down with some things in my life. Since I’m not wanting to ventilate all of that crap again and since this is no Flush it Friday, I asked for music to the BROlos and SISlas in the Book ov Skulls to pitch me some good music to get up my self-steem, mood, and to calm my anxiety.

From Power Metal, to Proggresive and even Hip Hop, the Toiletters together pick 56 songs with various vibes and lyrical content to help us draining the bad and recharging the batteries. I didn’t add any new songs.

After you start to headbang, remember always that hanging out with the real people you estimate it’s the final and possibly the best way to overcome some issues. Complete isolation isn’t always the best act when you have serious anxiety and nervous problems. So, relax, chat a bit about everything, clear your mind and return to conquer the kingdoms with your new weapons and your new will (also applies if you want to kill some posers and shitty coworkers).

Many thanks to the people that shared some jams. And special thanks to JAG, Dubya, Guacamole and Dagon to reach my out in a more personal way. You rule!

It’s your turn! Fill the disqus with jams about jam,  stuffed with jams with little pieces of jam.

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