Tech Death Thursday: Ouroboros Time!


Today, we’re talking about Ouroboros.  Try not to eat your own tail.

Before I go into detail, here is my favorite song by them:

Dat outro amirite?  I love this band.  I love how they manage to stay tech-death and at the same time incorporate thrash.  Most of all I love the guitar.  No other band I have heard has a guitar sound quite like this.  The way it just seems to snake in and out of the pores of my mind…GOD DAMN!  These Aussies released their debut album Glorification of a Myth independently back in 2011.  They are believed to be recording new material right now and I hope to god that it drops this year.  You can check them out and bug them for new material on their facebook.  I leave you with another badass song from that album.

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