Sunday Sesh: Let’s Put Evil D’s Sideburns on Everyone


Best idea or bestest idea?

Look, I know you all feel a certain way about David “Evil D” Vincent, but we aren’t here to discuss why your feelings are actually wrong. Nor are we here to discuss how every metal song sounds 1000% more evil when Evil D adds vocals. No, dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today to spread love and joy by pasting Evil D’s tubular sideburns onto each and every person ever. This is the only way for us to move forward as a people. so grab those photochopping tools and do your part.

The source material:

The joy:

See, now don’t you feel better? You try it out! And remember: #evilddidnothingwrong #freethed

(H/T Leif Bearikson for this very stupid idea)

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