Premiere: The Cataclysmic Grind of Krupskaya’s “Theosophical Separation of Earth”


Theosophy is a branch of Western occult esotericism concerned with divining the nature of eternity through spiritual revelation. It’s fitting, then, that Krupskaya chose the philosophy as a lyrical guidepost, because this track is violence on a cosmic scale. Today I’m pleased as hell to let this young quartet grind the firmament in twain. This is the “Theosophical Separation of Earth.”

The lyrical content may be spiritual in nature, but fret not; the riffs on “Theosophical Separation of Earth” are decidedly visceral. After a brief sample pondering the quizzical relationships within the military industrial complex and their implications for organized religion, the band rips into a devastating tangle of lurching groove, unhinged blasts, and industrial-strength chaos. This is the nastiest, most frantic grind I’ve heard all year. Imagine the coke-addled rhythms of old Agoraphobic Nosebleed brawling with Morgue Supplier’s cancerous guitar mutations while Alexander Nordgarden from A Darker Shade of Evil-era Fleurety blows out his vocal chords all over again.

Seriously, this track is the total package. Riffs so murderous they could be at home in a butcher’s shop meet septic slam snares and screaming evil vocals over lyrics about cults and industrialists. What’s not to love?

The track can be heard on an upcoming split with deranged German trio Wojczech via 7 Degrees. You can hear a track from each and pre-order the split here. Wojczech’s vicious, Nasum-inspired riffs more than meet the challenge thrown down by Krupskaya.


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