What are you buying on Bandcamp today?


Your official open thread to show off your Bandcamp purchases, trade wishlist info, and shamelessly beg for your friends to buy you stuff.

It’s not a secret that we at the Toilet ov Hell have a collective crush on Bandcamp. We didn’t think it was possible, but somehow that crush has intensified with news that all day today Bandcamp will be donating their cut of all music and merch proceeds on the music sharing platform the American Civil Liberties Union. Every album that you purchase today will help fund a dedicated team of lawyers that are hard at work fighting the illegal and immoral actions of the Trump administration. This is, unequivocally, A Good.

In addition to the noble charitable work of Bandcamp, over 200 labels and artists are getting in on the action by donating their share of the proceeds to the ACLU as well. Pore over the list and give ’em some dough.

Share what you’re buying, what you’d like to buy, and what you’d like to buy others in the comments below! We’re gonna be jamming out all day. As for me, I’mma pull the trigger on this tasty new Iron Reagan record that just dropped today. What are you getting?

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