Getting Laid at Bandcamp: The First of 2015


Welcome back to camp, flushers! It’s a new year and that means another year of filthy chaos and destruction! I’m featuring some new releases from this year and some forgotten gems from last year that I never got around to mentioning to ya’ll. It’s been about two months since my last post so I hope you guys are ready for some unpleasant ear carnage and awful writing. Lets do this BRO!

Truppensturm / Thorybos: Approaching Conflict (2015)


Lets start this post off with something aggressive as hell shall we? Truppensturm is a German band that I really got into the beginning of last year. Their last album Salute To The Iron Emperors was released back in 2010, so it’s about damn time for some new material by them. Truppensturm are a unrelenting fury of blast beats, tremolo picking, and war-metal annihilation. Truppensturm’s goal is always is to achieve total fucking death and fury with each and everyone of their war anthems. Truppensturm start off this spilt with 5 chaotic tracks that set the mood right away. There is is no denying what you are getting you self into here. Enjoy intense fury that is Truppensturm.

Were you hoping for a break? I hope not, because there is no fucking break. After the relentless Truppensturm side of the split is finished we are introduced to the mighty German warriors Thorybos. Much like Truppensturm, Thorybos keep their war-metal painful and fierce by keeping the drums pummeling and the guitars menacing. I prefer the production to the Thorybos side of this split a bit more then Truppensturm’s. Something about how it sounds like it was recorded in a cave makes it much more menacing and frightening. If you flushers are fans of DiocletianSacrocurse, or Black Witchery, you will love this shit.

Weregoat: Slave Bitch of the Black Ram Master (2014)

***Album art is NSFW – click here to view***

Total menacing and perverse blasphemous onslaught is achieved in this hate filled EP! Weregoat do not fuck around when it comes to crafting their savage style of blackened death metal. If that album cover and album title is not enough to give you a hint of what to expect from Weregoat, then I guess you’ll just have to hit play and be damned in the filthiest depths of hellfire that there is. The vocals sound like ferocious hell hounds barking for a taste of fresh blood from only the purest of virgins. Every pounding drum hit is like Satan’s burning fist crushing your face over and over again. The guitars are savage and annihilating chaos that boil the brains of each and every listener that dares to play this Satanic monster of an EP. Weregoat have yet to release a full-length, hopefully 2015 will be that year. If not, lets hope for some more savage EP’s and splits.

WHORESNATION: Scum Will Reign (2014)

Time to bring the grind madness! These French grinders deliver us with 8 songs in less then 10 minutes of the fastest and most vicious oldschool style of grind possible. This EP is a fucking endurance test, and as a drummer that plays grind I can vouch for this. There is one drum beat in this entire EP – the almighty blast beat, which ranges from fast to really fucking fast to FUCK ME I’M DEAD THIS IS FAST! For a grind album as aggressive and fast as this one, it’s surprisingly tight. Before you can comprehend what is going on in this EP, it’s over and you are left breathless and beat down, but wanting more. I’ve listened to this 3 times now while writing this and I’m still craving more blasting brutality. If you are looking for more grind from Whoresnation go check out their Bandcamp page here.

With The End In Mind: Thresholder (2014)


This was a very pleasant gem I found while I was browsing through Bandcamp not too long ago. With The End In Mind is a one man atmospheric black metal project by the very talented Alex F, although I’ve read that the drummer was not Alex F, but instead an Alex Mody, and the female vocals and cello are by an Emily Metcalf. Thresholder is absolutely stunning in its grim beauty. There is a folk essence to the songwriting that creates a very nice contast to the black metal portions, created by brilliant acoustic guitars and clean female vocals. Haunting distorted guitar chords soar through rich reverb and are accompanied by harsh vocal shrieks crying sorrow and misery through a full moon night. Some of the slower and more ambient/acoustic sections are some of my more favorite parts of the album. I feel that With The End In Mind could really bring the chills with a haunting ambient album if they ever went for it. If you crave more, check out their first EP, which is free for download on their Bandcamp page here.

Kathryn Joseph: Bones You Have Thrown Me and Blood I’ve Spilled (2015)


This is already my favorite album of 2015 and it’s not even metal. Much like one of my favorite releases from last year (Sea Oleena’s Shallow), this one is very much heavy, but in a more emotional sense. Kathryn Joseph voice is beyond stunning and the words she sings bleed on to you. There is a sadness and mourning embedded deep within Kathryn, and she is not afraid to present it to us all. Kathryn is a magnificent singer/songwriter that should not be missed. I expect this album to get a lot of recognition this year. I’m very much looking forward to getting my vinyl copy in the mail soon so I can read all of her alluring lyrics.

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