Joaquin’s Rapid Review Roundup 4


There are some things coming out in the next few weeks that you should probably know about.

Cailleach Calling Dreams of Fragmentation
Debemur Morti | March 11th, 2022
Here we have some new White Ward-ish progressive black metal (even making use of an ex-drummer) that has some sublime hair-raising moments amid a slew of pure noise. I was excited about this one as the singles were coming out, but as a whole, there’s something about the atmospherics in the first two tracks that are migraine-inducing. It’s just so damn loud. All the time. I could do without the super long intro on the third track as well (since the back half is the best stuff on the record). When I try my best to ignore all that, I hear some very good black metal with nice melodic sections to break it up, fun synth noises, and a very intentional mood and theme. The last two tracks are top-notch, and I hope to see more of that in future releases.

E-L-R Vexier
Prophecy Productions | March 11th, 2022
This one might be a blending of two genres that only I like here, but I love it so you have to at least read about it. E-L-R somehow effortlessly combines crunchy doom riffs with the patient, building nature of explosive post-metal. “Opiate the Sun” is a perfect example of starting with a simple but memorable riff and somehow morphing that into a fist-pumping groove before the track closes. Luckily, not every track is built around that style. The first single, “Fleurs of Decay”, is a gem that has repeated themes among rapid shifts in tone. The main focus is the crushing instrumental work, but the occasional ethereal choral vocals add a haunting feeling that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. It’ll make your head swirl and your body go numb.

The Good The Bad and The Zugly Research and Destroy
Fysisk Format | April 8th, 2022
I don’t really like punk-focused things all that much, but for some reason, newer Scandinavian versions of it have a small chance to grab my attention. Between this, Tusky, Duvel, Heave Blood and Die, and Blood Command, there’s just something in the water there (which is also causing most of them to have ironic track names). Catchy pop riffs, fun anthemic vocals, sick solos, and a borderline-cringe-but-it-works sense of humor, it’s just a great time.

Without Waves Comedian
Prosthetic | March 18th, 2022
When I reviewed Without Waves’ first release I ran with a dumb metaphor referring to the record as an everything bagel, and that still kinda works here too. It’s a sort of sub-genreless progressive metal album with wild variance in tracks. It shines in its clean and melodic sections, but unfortunately, it also loves being really annoying. Destrage was a similar band that I used to love despite this tendency to be fucking obnoxious all the time. “Sleight in Shadows” is a great track where they keep that under wraps, but then you go to ”.algorithm” and your ears are bleeding. It’s certainly more good than bad, especially in the back half.

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