Flush it Friday: The Dodo Has Rolled a NAT 1


Darnit, I knew I shouldn’t have made INT my dump stat, thinks the Dodo, shortly before getting domed by a Dutchman’s Cudgel +2. Myriad species have come and gone since life’s debut ~3.42 billion years ago, but now you can necromance them in a Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign setting, thanks to the folks behind the Book of Extinction. The Kickstarter is already guaranteed (and well into the stretch goals) so if you’ve ever wanted to play as a Great Auk, or re-extinct the Tasmanian Tiger through lousy rolls, it’s time to commit.

Say hi to Rory Hughes, our new contributor! Also this dissociate rekkid fux:

Review: Dissociate – Opt Out

IGoM aimed to please with this bout of Extended Pleasure (but don’t you think for a second that these pleasures involves breaking edge!):

Extended Pleasure: Hardcore 4 Hardcore Edition

No snark here. Toilet Radio said goodbye to a retiring Breno this week, and there’s ridic metal goings-on to discuss as well (as you would assume):

Toilet Radio 425 – Thanks for the Breno-ries

Le Petit Treats:

Mini Reviews From Around the Bowl (3/30/23)

Y’all got a fav extinct critter you’d like brought back from the grave? Let me know along with your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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