YOU Pick the Sexiest Dude in Metal: The Erotic Eight


Only eight sexy metal dudes remain! Did your favorite hottie make the cut? Find out and vote them to the top!

Inspired by Revolver Magazine, who, against all odds and relevance, just published their annual collection of the “25 HOTTEST CHICKS IN HARD ROCK”, we’ve decided to reduce humanity to its basest, most bangable instincts. The TovH writing staff made our selections for 32 of our favorite heavy metal hunks and we’ve placed them all in sweaty head-to-head competition against each other for our own carnal amusement. We’ve decided to include metal guys young and old, in addition to a couple of dearly departed, especially sexy dudes. Which hottie will take home the crown of Sexiest Dude in Metal? It’s up to you, the reader. Make your picks and then put your bold predictions for the tournament in the comments.

Before we get the new contests, let’s look at the results of the last round of voting!

Peter Steele (445) vs Troy Sanders (266)
George Lynch (307) vs Jeff Loomis (333)
Fabio (372) vs Doyle (486)
Chuck Schuldiner (519) vs Tommy Karevik (121)
Greg Puciato (425) vs Quorthon (294)
Tosin Abasi (345) vs Doug Moore (564)
Chrileon (316) vs Andy Williams (330)
Vreth (287) vs Adam Jarvis (636)

Peter Steele (Type O Negative)

Legendarily sexy Peter Steele took out doe-eyed Troy Sanders by a wide margin in the last round. The only thing that can stop him from dominating this competition is his current deceased state. Can he overcome that setback to be declared the sexiest dude in metal?


Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Arch Enemy)

Jeff Loomis continues to pull out surprising wins over his more conventionally handsome competitors. Can this blonde babe continue his string of upsets?

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Doyle (Misfits)

This slab of mature beef continues to powerlift his way through the bracket. Will Doyle be the Famous Monster that wins the whole thing?


Chuck Schuldiner (Death)

Everyone loves Chuck. The sweet, sexy death metal originator has overcome being living impaired to make his way here, to the Erotic Eight. Will he out-sexy Doyle?

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Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan)



Doug Moore (Pyrrhon)

Doug Moore, the swole vocalist of Toilet favorites Pyrrhon, continues to slay his competition despite literally everyone on Earth telling me a I chose a poor picture of him for the bracket.

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Andy Williams (Every Time I Die)

Andy Williams crushed both Keith Buckley’s leading man good looks and Chrileon’s Orlando Bloom lookin’ ass. It’s fair to say this beefy boy might just win the whole damn contest.


Adam Jarvis (Misery Index, Pig Destroyer)

It’s a burly man fight! This powerful drummer dusted Vreth and Acclaimed Metal Vocalist George Clarke by a wide margin. Now it’s time to decide which bearded hunk is best.

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