Track Premiere: Vision Deprived – “I Am”


A bottle spins through the air, chased by a tail of fire; it shatters against a barricade, blooming into glass and flames. The weapons of guerilla fighters are crude, quick, and effective—traits that Vision Deprived took to heart while concocting their debut LP, Self Elevating, Deep Inside The Void. Join us below for an exclusive stream of “I Am,” the latest single from this chaotic cocktail.

With a resounding crash (cymbal), listeners drop into urban warfare: deathgrind dissonance and intricate blastbeats evoke the claustrophobia of alleyways strewn with rubble. When the smoke from the opening salvo clears, a human wave attack begins, all d-beat drumming and moshpit pummeling. Despite the churning styles, Vision Deprived avoids the riff salad endemic to extreme metal by keeping the wick short. There are plenty of ideas in these 3 minutes—from slushy, Aurochian riffing to melodic black metal—but the band weaves them together with unobtrusive transitions (and few repetitions). It’s amazing what can be done with simple ingredients.

Self Elevating, Deep Inside the Void will be released on March 28th through Slaughterhouse Records. Make sure to say hello on Zuccbook as well!

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