Lyric Video Premiere: Stormland — “Test Subject”


Groove and dread abound in this premiere from Stormland. Prepare to be experimented on.

“Test Subject”, and the rest of album The Human Cost, represent a step forwards in terms of skill and a step sideways into genre experimentation for Canadian one-man band Stormland. While the band’s previous work was generally closer to that adrenaline-in-the-middle-of-the-battlefield Bolt Thrower feel, The Human Cost plays faster and looser with genre, really earning the insignia of technical and progressive that bandman Justin Pierrot’s sewn onto his death metal battle jacket this time around. There’s even a tasteful smattering of skronk, a little Putrescine to my ears. With its slower pace and “big, djent-influenced bomb string riff”, “Test Subject” is a great single to showcase this genre experimentation, something I always love to hear in my music.

Also on display here are Pierrot’s own improved vocals, as well as a gut-wrenching guest spot from Leda Paige of The Hallowed CatharsisJisei, and Sissy XO. The two performances together tell a horrifying scene from Gundam “Newtype” lore of human experimentation meant to “force and weaponize the first hints of human evolution that life in space started bringing about naturally.” Think a little Ender’s Game, a little Neon Genesis Evangelion, trying to weaponize and mechanize unwilling human minds.

Pierrot’s always written a tight song and a hell of a riff, and things come together better than ever on The Human Cost. Preorder on Bandcamp here, for release on September 30, 2022, with t-shirt and tank top bundles available.

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