You Send Me Things, I Listen to Them: Diamond Guts & Lord Scum


A lil garage rock. A lil stoner metal. Lots of fuzz.

Over the last few months I’ve accumulated a pug-sized stack of CDs that independent bands have sent to my house for review. I am constantly behind in life so this is the first review of many albums I’ve received.

Today we’re listening to two albums released this year on Secret Awesome Records, a tiny label outta Massachusetts. Both bands feature the talents of Zak Kirwin – vocals and guitar on Diamond Guts and drums on Lord Scum. Both albums are far, far more lighthearted than the bleak shit we typically listen to. Scuzzy, lo-fi, and fun, either of these projects could be the unofficial house band of your local dirtbag party house.

First up we’ve got Diamond Guts with their latest LP Marginal Time. It’s an unapologetic garage rock record, as described by the liner notes it was, “recorded on a beat to hell Tascam 688 cassette 8 track”. Marginal Time is immediately engaging with ear worm melodies and simple but effective punk riffs. Hands-down the best jam here is the title track, a mid-tempo and melancholy number that has some lyrical fun with Yes references. Also, don’t sleep on the cover of Warren Zevon and/or GG Allin classic “Carmelita”. Marginal Time would pair well with cheap light lager on a lazy afternoon.
FFO: Mean Jeans, Liquor Store, Natural Light

Next up we got Lord Scum, a bluesy, fuzzed-out celebration of early Sabbath and getting high. Also, the eternal entity known as Lord Scum, who I assume would be a malevolent being if his reflexes weren’t dulled from constantly hotboxing his own skull. It’s very silly and very fun. My favorite jam is “All Hail Lord Scum” which manages to create at atmosphere that’s more evil and dirge-y than the preceding tracks. Hit play and drown in the bong swamp.
FFO: Pentagram, Electric Wizard, Dank Nugs

Both of these records are pay-what-you-want at Secret Awesome Records on Bandcamp. Check out their Facebook page to stay up to date with more fuzzy releases.

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