Riff-Raff Podcast: A New Flush [Ep. 1 – 2020 Was a Big BM]


A few things happened in 2020—things that may have taken precedence over scouring the innernette for new black metal (and the subsequent obligatory slog through Metal-archives to search for the “dark heathenism” tag). This week, Rolderathis and Hans have the recap on some whipsaqq BM tracks from yesteryear that may not have been covered on this here water closet. We play new (olde??) music from MontulnSvrmKatavasiaPorenut, Fortið and Vital Spirit, as well as [being new at podcasting noises], signing Greek BM petitions, ornamental folk metal instruments, Assassin’s Creed jank and a cat named Adam screwing with our production.

Big ol’ P.S.: Thanks to Lacertilian and Leif Bearikson for the rough format idea and the solid chunk of ‘sodes they made under the Riff-Raff name. We’d like to open up the format to any contributor duos who’d like to try it out, but we’ll keep the spot warm if y’all get the itch to record again. <3

2020 Music Featured This Week:
(intro) Jars – ‘Mr. Visionary’ from ДЖРС III
Montuln – ‘Arquetipo’ from Arquetipo
Svrm – ‘Розпад’ from Розпад
Katavasia – ‘Hordes of Oblivion’ from Magnus Venator
Porenut – ‘Manifest’ from Postnihilera
Fortið – ‘Insignificant is the Wormking’s Throne’ from World Serpent
Vital Spirit – ‘Face of the Suon’ from In The Faith That Looks Through Death

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