Graveslave – God Of Slaughter: A Video Breakdown


Graveslave’s Big Day Out.

Are you ready to rave from the grave, you knave? Minnesota’s Graveslave sure are. Even though it’s still winter, they are ready to crack open some cold ones with the boys, hit the lake, and party down. You can wistfully watch them having a lovely picnic in the sun while you shiver and curse the ten foot snowdrift in front of your door. It pays to release your video months after you record it. It’s evergreen content. Especially when you prominently feature a meme-level drink. Let’s break it down!



*Raises hand* Is this going to be on the test?


Parking across two handicap spots?
Move over, satanic black metal bands. You’ve just been replaced by the evilest band in the world.


He relishes the chance to do vocals.


Putting a little extra mustard into this part of the song.


When the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita finally hits.


Something something workers something something capitalism.


You’d better ketchup and get on his level.


Take that, ya stupid wave!


This is how they mosh in Bemidji.


Can you believe that clam shack was just giving away this old clam juice for free?!


Graveslave’s EP Devotion is out on March 6th. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp.

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