Album Art Of The Century Tournament: Pool B Round 1.3


Pool B voting starts today, time to don your monocle and swear at everyone.

If you somehow missed Pool A voting from yesterday, head back here to see what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what you’ve gotta do to make sure your favourite album cover(s) make it through to Round 2. For those of you who’re up to date, scroll down and get to choosin’.

Here are today’s match-ups –

Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon [2017]

Adam Burke

Artificial Brain – Labyrinth Constellation [2014]

Paolo Girardi

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Ayreon – The Theory Of Everything [2013]

Jef Bertels

Uada – Devoid Of Light [2016]

Kris Verwimp

[yop_poll id=”134″]

Barren Altar – Entrenched In The Faults Of The Earth [2018]

Patrick Cass

Car Bomb – w​^​w​^​^​w​^​w [2012]

Greg Kubacki

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Elder – Lore [2015]

Adrian Dexter

Vacivus – Rite Of Ascension [2015]


[yop_poll id=”136″]

Obsequiae – Aria Of Vernal Tombs [2015]

Joe Beres

Loss – Horizonless [2017]

Adam Burke

[yop_poll id=”137″]

Engulfed – Engulfed In Obscurity [2017]

Nick Keller

Squalus – The Great Fish [2017]

Aaron John Gregory

[yop_poll id=”138″]

Khemmis – Absolution [2015]

Sam Turner

Pissgrave – Suicide Euphoria [2015]

[yop_poll id=”139″]

Inferno – Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution) [2017]

Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal

Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise [2014]

Jerry Cooke

[yop_poll id=”140″]

Sunn O))) – Dømkirke [2008]

Tania Stene

Turbid North – Eyes Alive [2015]

Samantha Muljat

[yop_poll id=”141″]

Serocs – The Phobos/Deimos Suite [2018]

Nicola Samori

Winds Of Leng – Horrid Dominion [2017]

Alex Tartsus

[yop_poll id=”142″]

Occultation – Silence In The Ancestral House [2014]

Adam Burke

Gorguts – Pleiades’ Dust [2016]

Zbigniew M. Bielak

[yop_poll id=”148″]

Abyssal – Antikatesteasis [2015]

Jocelyn Avoine

Anachronism – Orogeny [2018]

Adam Burke

[yop_poll id=”143″]

Dormant Ordeal – We Had It Coming [2016]

Kuba Sokólski

Withered – Grief Relic [2016]

Paul Romano

[yop_poll id=”144″]

Bongripper – Satan Worshipping Doom [2010]

Mike Miller

Wiegedood – De doden hebben det goed II [2017]

[yop_poll id=”145″]

Alcest – Les voyages de l’âme [2012]

Fursy Teyssier

Guðveiki – Vængför [2018]

Elijah Tamu

[yop_poll id=”146″]

The Black Dahlia Murder – Nocturnal [2007]

Kristian Wåhlin

The Black Dahlia Murder – Nightbringers [2017]

Kristian Wåhlin

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