Album Art Of The Century Tournament: Pool A – Round 1.2


Round 1 of our new comp to determine your fave album art of the century continues with the rest of Pool A for you to vote on.

Judging by the response to the previous tournament brackets we’ve held here, you all really enjoy voting on trivial shit. Basically, as long as it has no tangible effect on your life, you’ll definitely be there to discuss, rage, and ultimately decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Especially if that topic involves arbitrary opinion on art. Voter apathy be damned. So following on from our recent metal-related comps –

We thought it would be cool to see which modern album(s) you think have the greatest cover art. If you’re the type of person who holds the view that art should never be compared or judged relative to other art, that’s cool, this ain’t for you. Rather than judge us, head on back to your dialectic circle-jerk while we have a bit of fun comparing some of our favourite album covers, calling each other wrong and dumb and wrong, ad infinitum.

As you may have guessed, there’s no set judging criteria, the only criterion you should use to cast your votes is which album cover you prefer. Some made the huge 128 seed field through being indisputably iconic, some conceptually unique, some for being instantly memorable, some for being perfectly representative of the music, some for being beautifully crafted, and some I have no fucking idea why you liked them enough to submit, aside from the fact you’re wrong and dumb and wrong. Anyway, out of the 128 entries we had to make 8 mirror-matches spread out across the pools. The full bracket will be revealed as we unveil each set of matches during Round 1.

If you missed yesterday’s tournament unveiling click HERE to go vote on those matches first. We’ll wait for you. For everyone else, here are today’s match-ups –


Cormorant – Diaspora [2017]

Jeff Christensen

Cormorant – Dwellings [2011]

Alice Duke

[yop_poll id=”117″]

Rivers Of Nihil – The Conscious Seed Of Light [2013]

Dan Seagrave

Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder [2009]

Josh Graham

[yop_poll id=”118″]

Mammoth Grinder – Extinction Of Humanity [2009]

Joe Petagno

Bereft – Lands [2017]

Sam Alcarez

[yop_poll id=”126″]

Shroud Ritual – Five Suns [2017]

Luciana Nedelea

Expander – Endless Computer [2017]

Luca Carey

[yop_poll id=”119″]

Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction [2015]

Wes Benscoter

Deathspell Omega – Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum [2007]

Timo Ketola

[yop_poll id=”125″]

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper [2017]

Mariusz Lewandowski

Endrot – Killer Chainsaw Robot From Beyond! [2018]

[yop_poll id=”120″]

Om – Pilgrimage [2007]

Earl Kuck

Fen – Winter [2017]

[yop_poll id=”121″]

Gatecreeper – Sonoran Depravation [2016]

Adam Burke

Edge Of Sanity – Crimson II [2003]


[yop_poll id=”122″]

Dreadnought – A Wake In Sacred Waves [2017]

Mark Facey

Thou – Summit [2007]

[yop_poll id=”123″]

Baroness – Red Album [2007]

John Baizley

Howls Of Ebb – The Marrow Veil [2015]

Wiley Trieff

[yop_poll id=”124″]

Ruins – Cauldron [2008]

Kriss Hades

Lotus Thief – Rervm [2014]

[yop_poll id=”132″]

Spectral Lore – III [2014]

Benjamin A. Vierling

Portal – Vexovoid [2013]

Kriss Hades

[yop_poll id=”127″]

Stälker – Shadow Of The Sword [2017]

Matt Stikker

Witch – Witch [2006]

[yop_poll id=”128″]

Progenie Terrestre Pura – oltreLuna [2017]

Alexander Preuss

The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy  [2017]

Jeff Grimal

[yop_poll id=”129″]

Sinmara – Aphotic Womb [2014]

Alexander L. Brown

Cerebral Effusion – Idolatory Of The Unethical [2014]

Marco Hasmann

[yop_poll id=”130″]

Meshuggah – Koloss [2012]


Meshuggah – Catch Thirtythree [2005]

Tomas Haake

[yop_poll id=”131″]
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