Album Premiere: Brugada – To Slow Death and Fast Riffs

Brugada To Slow Death and Fast Riffs

To The Sludgy End

Feeling down? Need a little giddyup in your step? Is the world of hard rock and heavy metal leaving you with that “not so fresh” feeling? Well, have we got the solution for you!

Vancouver sludgersters Brugada give us their new album To Slow Death and Fast Riffs that will shine light into your soul and electricity into your hardened heart. For fans of Baroness, Priestess, and Year Of The Cobra, this album deftly blends driving riffs with solid grooves and killer melodies. This one is for rockers, rollers, and for people in leather jackets and sunglasses that lean on stuff and look cool.

The band says:

I hit a deep depression after Astrakhan fell apart after 6 years of songwriting, recording, and performing. So, I channeled that depression into rage, and that rage into something faster, more concise, and certainly more manic than Astrakhan. My vision for the record was simple. I would choose one line to pull from one Steven Spielberg movie for each song on the record. Then I would take that line, re-contexualize it and write a song around it. Each track on the record follows this approach.

Bossfight, for example, was based around a line from the film “Jaws.” – “Smile you sunuvabich.” The line is re-contextualized, but still uses the image of a lurky monster beneath the surface of the ocean as a metaphor for addiction, and the destructive patterns it leads too.

Get a bigger boat and check the album out.

To Slow Death and Fast Riffs is out tomorrow via Tone Zone Records.

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