Gird Your Loins with a BRAND NEW TovH Shirt!


We’re proud to release the latest Toilet ov Hell shirt design, a collaboration with our favorite evil clown, sweettooth0! Revel in the melt-y viscosity this shirt, an homage to the splatterpunk classic, Street Trash! Pick up a shirt today and be the coolest weirdo in your neighborhood.

Have you ever said to yourself, “Self, I sure would like to wear a t-shirt of my favorite metal blog designed by a very talented reader of that blog?” Likewise, have you ever thought to yourself, “My favorite metal blog doesn’t run ads or sponsored content from shady e-commerce sites. I wonder how I can help them stay afloat financially?” Then, friend, this is your lucky day! Our latest shirt design is positively siqqqqqqqq, featuring more colors and liquid flesh than you can shake a stick at. Take a look at sweettooth0’s design in all of its glory:

Pretty great, right? Want one? You’ve got two weeks to pick one up right here. This will be your last chance to purchase shirts before we migrate to an on-demand webstore and costs rise. Don’t fuck around and miss out on this opportunity to rep the Toilet at the grocery store, church, or job interviews.

You’d look good as fuck in this.

ALSO, by popular demand, you can pick up an OG TovH shirt design right here. Every shirt purchased helps me pay for site bandwidth, hosting for exclusive streams, and data for the podcast. So go forth and purchase style, my dudes. Please.

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