Premiere: Psychotomy – “Beyond The Eternal Omega”


Fiery death metal for your Friday morning.

Around a month ago we premiered the first explosive track from Italian death trio Psychotomy‘s upcoming album Aphotik. Today we’re pleased to premiere the album’s penultimate song for your Friday fix. The track is titled ‘Beyond The Eternal Omega’ and gives a fairly accurate representation of what you can expect on the rest of the record, showcasing a handful of the sulphurous soundscapes the band are capable of producing on command.

‘Beyond The Eternal Omega’ opens ominously with a dissonance-tinged clean section which conjures the kind of cold oppression which pervades Ulcerate‘s more recent material. Once this subsides, there is but a brief moment of quiet before Lory and Nene erupt with some furious riffing which spits and bubbles as it descends down the fretboard, before boiling over and solidifying back into a disharmonious Dead Congregation-esque passage. Before you know it, your skin is singed, and smile soured.

Now that you’re primed for both this album to drop and the weekend looming ahead, you can chuck some coin down and sink beers until this beast drops on September 28th. Prior to this week I’d not had the chance to check out the whole album, something I don’t typically like to do before premiering a song. However, I’m pleased to say I can confidently stand by my initial thoughts (reposted below for posterity) now after hearing Aphotik in full a bunch this week. This album lives up to the expectations set by the pre-release tracks.

“Psychotomy have that same red hot lava-like riffing which steadily flows through like pyroclastic flow down Mount Vesuvius; the edges blackening as they come in contact with organic matter, cooling into igneous vestiges of life, now reduced to charcoal cocoon-like crypts. At the core of this are Lory and Nene’s sinister note choices, which echo the kind of murky sound Cruciamentum dredged up on their last EP, and Lory’s vocals are correspondingly demonic.”

Aphotik is scheduled to be released on September 28th via Everlasting Spew Records.
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