Flush it Friday: I’M MELTING


Ahh, the weekend. We meet again.

It’s Friday afternoon in North America which means that it’s time to pretend that you’re working for another couple hours before you can mercifully leave your job and rightfully reclaim your life. I dunno about you folks, but here in Texas it’s hot. Distressingly so. I’ve been here 30 years and I’ve never seen it jump to these temperatures. This is, of course, a preview of what’s to come. So while I go down a deep, depressing rabbit hole of apocalyptic ideation, let’s look at the highlights of the week in Toilet.

Rolderathis penned some thinky thoughts on intros, outros, transitions, and other fiddly bits before you can get to the riffs.

An Anatomy of Transition Tracks

Joaquin, ever one to go against the grain, gone done and went against the grain again.

You Can Use Djent and Still be Good in 2018

Toilet Radio made fun of some real shit ass chud bands.

Toilet Radio 133: MAGA Metal

Finally, we lost a metal legend this morning. Pay tribute to him with this post.

Mark Shelton [1957 – 2018]

That’s it for me. Thank you for your continued patronage of this particular e-stall. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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