Billy Milano Un-Retiring M.O.D., Still a Dingus


Despite previously announcing his retirement, Billy Milano is back with his long-running crossover project M.O.D.

Back in May, Billy Milano announced that he was cancelling scheduled festival appearances and hanging up the gloves on M.O.D. Now it appears that he’s gone back on his word and will release a new album, Busted, Broke and American, his first since 2007’s Red, White and Screwed (clearly taking pages out of the Toby Keith playbook here).

In a video posted to his website, Milano gives some additional details on his previous decision to shelve the record and quit touring, also his change of heart on those choices.

Things Milano notes: The record was inspired partly by the decline of his dog Buster’s health, it was initially shelved because of issues with his previous band members, and Billy believes Busted, Broke and American is “By far the best record [he’s] ever done”. Additionally, he notes that it will be released in January on CD Baby “Because [he doesn’t] give a fuck about the industry.” Though it might be a bit of wishful thinking that a label would take a chance on this album in the first place.

This all came to my attention because a member of the TovH Facebook group pointed out some of the moronic things a person named Billy Milano wrote in the comments of a Blabbermouth (ugh) post about the 30th anniversary reissue of Speak English or Die by S.O.D, his former project with Scott Ian, Dan Lilker, and Charlie Benante.

That dude (or more likely, whatever poor bastard that has to moderate Blabbermouth) deleted the comments. Handily, The PRP had the foresight to screenshot this dumb bullshit:


So many dumb things in one image.

Thoughts: Old people shouldn’t be allowed to use the Internet; Busted, Broke and American might sell with Stormfront mouthbreathers; I’m pretty sure the lyrics on Speak English or Die were supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, but Milano’s continued far-right-wing ways kinda ruin it; regardless, the riffs rule, and isn’t it weird that Scott Ian plays in a band with the dude from Fallout Boy now? Anyway, there is a 99.9999% chance I’ll never listen to Busted, Broke and American so I’m wondering why I even bothered writing this. Sunday afternoons, amirite? Currently working on better pieces, so feel free to use the comments below to post unrelated things if you’ve got siqq jams to share.

(Image Via, Stefan Birlouez)

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