Red Fang Release Free Acoustic EP


I’m a wizard. I just know it. It seems like whenever a band releases free music, I just happen to be wearing one of their shirts. It happened with Absu. It happened with Revocation. It happened with… some more bands that I can’t remember right now so fuck off… and today I wore a Red Fang shirt.

You know what that means? Today those rowdy Portlanders released a free acoustic EP through Apparently it’s one of their Absolute Music Bunker sessions, whatever that means. It sounds like acoustic Red Fang, and I’ll let you decide if that’s a good thing or not. Even if you don’t like it, the original versions of the acoustified tracks are included in the EP, and I can assure you that they rock hard. Click that pretty picture below to download it, or just stream it below.

Red Fang EP

Once I figure out how to harness this sorcery you all may send me free shirts of your favorite bands and they will have no choice but to bend to my will and release free downloadable tunes.

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