Album Premiere: FerumVergence


There’s a special quiet reserved for cemeteries; it can be heard in the muted voices of the mourning and their stately procession along the trails. On still nights (under a full moon, if we’re following tropes), another sound carries on the air: the grinding of stone on stone as a grave robber claims her ghastly prize. Grab a shovel, turn up the Gein and dig into this exclusive stream of Ferum‘s debut EP, Vergence.

Ferum stink of the ground they were buried in—a plot right next to their death/doom forebears. From the lurching tremolo riffs to rasping vocals, their adoration of the genre is an open (casket) secret. The opening track, “Siege of Carnality,” nails the balance between death metal attitude and downtrodden tempos; Samantha’s voice bridges the styles with a performance that touches on both Autopsy and the drunken roar of sludge.

Just as a sense of familiarity sets in, “Perpetual Distrust” takes a sharp turn into blackened climes. Melodic black metal? In my OSDM worship? It works more often than you might think. The band’s ability to venture out from the primordial framework of their influences helps them stand out in a crowded scene. Whether exploring eerie, complex chords (“Perpetual Distrust”) or updating a classic with crushing modern production (their cover of Cianide‘s “Funeral”), Ferum are a band equally at home in the graveyard dirt as they are stalking the landscape in search of new sounds for their collection.

Vergence is out today.
You can order your copy here from Everlasting Spew Records
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