Riksha – Banging Danger: A Video Breakdown


Make sure to use protection before banging danger.

This isn’t the first time we’ve broken down a lyric video, but this is definitely the first time we’ve done it on purpose. Our dear sweet Lizard-In-Chief Fharc passed along this lyric video by Salt Lake City’s Riksha and just…wow. Wow wow wow wow wowie wow. Wow. You just have to click play to see what I mean.

0:04: I keep expecting former WWE star Rikishi to pop out and smash his ass into someone’s face.
0:10: “Don’t you ever” what? The suspense is killing me!
0:17: I guess we’ll never know.
0:20: I…wait, what?
0:22: Okay, now I’m really confused.
0:26: Am I having a stroke or are these words not making any sense?
0:32: I mean, I’m not smelling burning hair or toast, but I’m still concerned.
0:39: Maybe it’s just a collective mild concussion we’re all suffering.
0:47: Cadillac to heaven? Have these guys been hanging out with Eskimo Callboy?
0:56: “Impulse acting upping fuck the day.” That’s just pure poetry. *kisses fingers*
1:05: Thousand of Hooked On Phonics books are spontaneously combusting right now.
1:13: Can well all just take a minute to acknowledge that the line “Shake the juggler” was used in this?
1:22: Probably worth pointing out that Riksha are signed to the drummer from Motograter‘s label.
1:31: Cadillac should sue for libel and defamation.
1:37: The Yugo might be more in their price range.
1:48: I have to assume those are moans of displeasure.
1:56: There’s some dyslexia going on here, right?
2:09: If these guys weren’t from an English-speaking country they’d totally get a pass, but SLC is still technically in the US.
2:16: Romneys not withstanding.
2:23: “Deadlocked in your” what? Stop teasing up, Riksha!
2:29: I just had a thought: Since their lyrics are all over the place, maybe their name is too.
2:36: Like, were they trying to call themselves Rickshaw or Ricksha and just couldn’t spell it correctly?
2:43: Stay in school kids.
2:51: Worth pointing out that Utah is frequently towards the bottom in education spending per student.
3:00: Not that that will stop you from getting your band signed.
3:10: Or becoming a US Senator.

Riksha’s album Five Stages Of Numb is available now via Zombie Shark Records.

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